What is western riding?

What is western riding?

August 22, 2021 Off By Jackie Hoolis

Western riding can be a lot of fun and enjoyable , with lots of possibilities. Whether you enjoy a relaxing riding trail, the excitement of barrel racing as well as the preciseness of competitive trails, the excitement of working cattle or the thrill of a sliding stop in reining – western riding is the right choice for you! While it’s easy to master, this type of riding demands a lot of skill and dedication to master.

Disciplines of western riding

Although there are many disciplines associated with western riding, most of them are related to the skills that cowboys utilized every day. Cowboys required a horse which could be swift and stop at any moment. To make sure that the cowboy could concentrate on his task, the horse had be controlled mostly by its weight and its legs. The reins were only lightly touched , and only one hand was used to control the horse. Since the cowboys were required to spend long hours in the saddle, their equipment had to be as safe and comfortable as is possible. The western saddle has an impressive cantle, saddle with a horn, and a seat to provide the maximum level of comfort for long hours on rough terrain.

Rider during reining (western riding discipline)

Today, we don’t enjoy the same lifestyle that the cowboys did in the vast plains, but the horse type, training and events of our time all go back to these origins. There are many competitions for western riders. Some of the main events that are worth mentioning a few are: reining, pleasure, cutting, trails, team penning, halter, horsemanship, showmanship and barrel racing, pole bent, flag race and trail riding. There are events from beginner to advanced, and from riding for pleasure to competition.

There are students who visit the camp at least once per year, and others are champions in various horse races. We appreciate the incredible ability of horses and provide the best training and care and respect for their requirements.